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Who is Valentin Carboni?

Valentin Carboni (born March 5, 2005, in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine footballer who now plays as a midfielder for Inter Milan in the Italian Serie A. He is the son of Ezequiel Carboni, an Argentine soccer player who played for Lens and Banfield, and the brother of Franco Carboni, another Argentine soccer player.

Carboni started with the Garnet youth teams while his father was the technical director, then Kelly moved to Europe and took his children with him. They began their career in Catania before moving on to Inter, where they currently play. Franco has been to the bank multiple times in Serie A and even in the Champions League but has yet to make his first appearance. Valentin played in the Azzurra 2021 Italian Under 17 team.

Carboni’s relationship status and his net worth are currently unknown. He has a salary of £220 per week in Inter Milan with a contract expiring in June 2025. The 17-year-old is 70 inches tall and weighs 72 kilograms. He has 4,562 followers on his Instagram account.

The Career of Valentin Carboni

Valentin Carboni Italy

Player: Valentin Carboni Italy (source: Football Talent Scout)

Valentin Carboni spent his youth at Garnet when his father was technical director. After moving to Europe he began his career with Catania.

According to Italian news agency, Inter and Catania have reached an agreement for the permanent transfer of highly-rated teenager Valentin Carboni. Inter and Catania have reached a deal over the 15-year-old central midfielder, with Inter paying Catania €300,000 to sign him.

According to the article, if Inter sells Catania in the future, he will receive a share of the transfer fee. In 2020, he joined Inter Milan’s grassroots football team from Catania. His youthful performances made him one of the Nerazzurri academy’s brightest prospects.

Lionel Scaloni named him to the Argentina national football team squad for the March 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers matches against Venezuela and Ecuador.

After uploading a narrative on his Instagram account with La Pulga, whom he will have next to him after six years, the offensive midfielder who emerged in Lans’ inferiors generated a stir in the networks. When he was only 11 years old, the young prospect who today works for Inter Italy took a snapshot with the Argentine legend.

The Mundialito 2018 winner and top scorer with the Grana shirt trained at the Ezeiza venue surrounded by outstanding players, all with the goal of reaching the duels against Venezuela and Ecuador on March 25 and 29, respectively.

Awards, Titles, and Achievements

Valentin Carboni Inter Milan

Player: Valentin Carboni Inter Milan (source: Football Talent Scout)

He and his team won the Mundialito 2018 where he was the top scorer in the tournament.

Below is the chart showing the comparison of Valentin Carboni's goals with other Midfielder players. The selected players for comparison include Exequiel Zeballos, Thibaut Courtois, Ederson, Rui Patrício.